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We create value for our customers because we bring a new, performant and impacting ​customer experience.

About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission

Advising, guiding, accompanying and supporting industrial actors in the transformation of their production system.

Industry 4.0 Expertise

Bringing our business, functional or technical expertise in the pre-project or project phases in order to study opportunities or to start /execute a project under the best conditions

Industry 4.0 Top-Class Integration

Executing our owned and proven methodologies/tools to perform Industry 4.0’s Proof Of Concept, integration, deployment, maintenance and support or upgrade projects

Dassault Systèmes Solutions Expertise

Integrating the products of the DELMIA portfolio for all sizes of companies and for all industrial sectors

Our Value Creation Fundamentals

Our Value Creation Fundamentals

Our innovation work that allows us to provide our customers with our technical and functional toolboxes

Our data platform to optimize/maximize your Lean Management ​

Our knowledge of many industrial areas and functional perimeters ​

Our proven methodological approaches to Industry 4.0 integration, deployment and maintenance projects

Our Values

Our Values

Operational Excellence

Added value for our clients

High level of delivery

Continuous improvement

Result-oriented approach

Application of methodologies


Ability to manage highly complex environments

Wide business and functional knowledge scope

Full Industry 4.0 know-how


Respectful management of our resources

Realistic project commitment

Fair and transparent commercial offers

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