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Project Preparation

Good preparation is the key to a successful project.

Project Sizing

Estimation of the workload of your project with a budget perspective

Implementation Options

Identification of the most compliant and secured implementation options

Gap Analysis

Identification of the gaps with software

Project Approach

Definition of the project organization, approach, deployment, …

Project Preparation

Project Empowerment

Dymasco as a coach, a reference and a project stimulant for your project.

Business analysis

Validation of the functional and technical choices

Assistance to the acceptance of the solution

Assistance to Go-Live preparation

Assistance to Program or Project management

Deliverables control and validation

Project Empowerment

Digital Manufacturing / MOM implementation

Expertise to implement the 3DS solutions to support the manufacturing operations preparation and execution.

DELMIA expertise

DELMIA brand expertise with capability to offer full digital continuity

Full proven methodologies

Allow to be focused on the top demanding business, functional and technical topics

Independent-context methodologies

Adapted to single site or multi-sites within Core Model approach

A to Z methodologies

Projects easy to budget, to schedule and to execute

Digital Manufacturing Implementation
Industrial Connectivity

Industrial Connectivity

Monitor and control your machines and equipment in real time.


Ability to implement/support any type of infrastructure (IIOT platform, gateway, OPC server...)

Connectivity protocol

Management of any kind of connectivity protocol (series, specific drivers, OPC...)


Capacity to connect machines and sensors

Machine type agnosticity

Ability to acquire data from any machine

MOM Deployment

Methodology, organization and tools for replicating quality deployments​.

Central & local commitment

Respect of the expected deployment speed


Roll-out toolkit

Adapted approach

Preparation + Go-Live & Hyper care

Release mode

Easiness of coexistence between sites in deployment & live sites

Continuous improvement

During all the sites deployment

MOM Deployment

DELMIA Apriso Outsourced Testing

Security and sustainability of your Apriso application, with our owned dedicated automated testing tool & organization.

Dedicated team

Objectivity between your development and business teams

Focus on your added value

Free time for your central and local teams

Sustainable planning

Respect of your deployment planning to guarantee your investment and to get your expected ROI

Trusted application

Improvement of the quality of your deliverables

Plant context testing

Testing each of your plants with their own Master Data

Delmia Apriso Testing

Manufacturing Data Platform

Ability to make your factory even more smart by exploiting sophisticatedly all your data.

Make your machine data smart

Transform your raw data from machines/sensors

Data enrichment by MES

Contextualization of equipment data with MES data

Decision-making tool

Optimal/maximum exploitation of machine/sensor data

Smart alarm

Alarms on deterioration of machine performance conditions

Predictive maintenance

Reduction of unplanned stops and micro-stops

Manufacturing Data Platform

DELMIA Apriso Upgrade

Minimization of the cost for such a project.


Short impact for the life of your project


Drastic reduction of the usual operating costs for such an operation


Simple remote sizing methodology


Full processed upgrade methodology


Possibility to make sites autonomous to upgrade their own environments


Apriso specific automated upgrade tool

Delmia Apriso Upgrade
App Maintenance

Application Maintenance & Support

Capacity and ability to ensure usability, security, scalability and sustainability of your Apriso applications.

Business requirements gathering

Ensuring and reinforcing the compliancy of the maintained applications with the new needs


Capacity to allow the evolution of the maintained applications and to match with their deployment

Based on our owned Apriso development accelerators

Automated Testing

Ability to execute automatically some non-regression and new tests

Based on our owned Apriso automated testing tool


Capacity to deploy the solution/evolutions on all plants according to a speed that will guarantee the investments


Ensuring a usability of the applications according to an SLA and to a 24/24 7/7 service 

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